Friday, March 14, 2008

On the Dangers of Putting All of Your Eggs in One Basket

In the very first minutes of Clean Monday, while our family was fast asleep, we were suddenly awakened by a loud crash in the kitchen.

Deep down inside I knew what it was, even before I went out to look ... and my heart sank.

Bob, our elderly and portly cat, (I had different words to describe him that night), had decided to jump up on to the counter, and he knocked over the very large, flat basket which contained all of our finished and cleaned and blown and varnished pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). Most of them fell to the floor and shattered.

It wouldn't have been quite so bad if the casualties of this accident were just the eggs we have done so far this year, but sadly, it was many more than this. Many favorites from years gone by also broke.

I think we lost about 20...maybe more.


Poem Master 3000 said...

Argh! How frustrating and sad! Sorry.

Kate said...

Oh, gosh, C! I am agast! All those beauties!

-C said...

Yeah, it's made me sorta sad all week when I've thought about it.

Sadder still is that some of them were to be gifts for friends who will celebrate Easter next weekend.

I tried to do a couple of eggs tonight, but it seems that it's an art form that knows when you are in a hurry - and in my particular case, it didn't prove to be helpful. Not meant to be a rushed sort of thing, I guess.

There's a lesson in humility (or in something else) in here somewhere ...

DebD said...

Oh! How sad. That is the kind of thing that is not easily replaced.

usedtobewitty said...

What a bummer!

Have you ever read Rechenka's Eggs? You just need to find yourself a miracle-Ukranian-egg-laying goose!


-C said...

Yes! We used to read that book all the time to our boys when they were little. They loved it - and so did we (the illustrations are so beautiful, too!). There's another book - maybe by the same author - called "Thunder Cake" that was just as wonderful. We often read them together.

Thanks for stopping by, Gretchen!