Sunday, March 16, 2008

Making Up for Lost Eggs

Knowing that I have about a dozen eggs I wanted to give away at western Easter (next weekend already!), and having lost 99% of the lot a week ago, I have been trying to get a few done in a hurry.

Stayed home from church on Friday night and was able to produce only a couple of very underwhelming eggs (good ones "for the bowl" as we say here ... that is to say, they look pretty good in a bowl full of pysanky, but not good enough to give away as a gift).

This afternoon and evening I had better luck, though, and was able to crank out 3 that while somewhat simple, seem OK. Here they are with their varnish drying (they are the 3 in the back row on the right). With no church until Wednesday night, I should be able to knock a couple out on Monday and Tuesday evenings, which could put me pretty close to at least having enough to give to some of my Lutheran pals on their Easter.

This being Holy Week at my place of employment, it is traditionally the most hectic week of the year for me at work. Whether or not I get any more eggs done in the evenings this week depends pretty much on how things go during the days ...

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