Friday, March 28, 2008

Blowing Coat

Spring is on the cusp of being sprung here in Minnesota, and at our house it can mean only one thing: Ollie is blowing coat. And what a coat it is!

Bad timing, Mr. collie-dog! Not only do I not really have much time for blogging ... I also don't have alot of time for vacumming, either. (Did I mention we have guests coming from out of town for a few days next week???)

But I recently found a sort of positive spin on this hairy spring problem.

Now I've got enough crafty stuff to do to keep myself busy for a long, long time, but if there are any real hard-core knitters out there who might be interested in giving this project a shot, my dog has lovely hair - probably perfect for something like this.

All you gotta do is come on over and collect it - and you can have as much as you want FOR FREE!


Mimi said...

Snerk. That's all kinds of wrong.

-C said...

you think?