Monday, March 3, 2008

Beef ...

It's what was for dinner ... and brunch ... and lunch.

It was Meatfare Sunday yesterday, the last day most Orthodox Christians eat meat until Pascha. Meatfare Sunday is the signal that Lent begins in just a week - I was chrismated on Meatfare Sunday last year.

Because we were honored with a visit from our bishop at church yesterday, our parish held a festive and meaty potluck lunch after church. Thinking ahead to the coming meatless Lent, I made sure to select a some of the meatier offerings at the meal, from which there were several to choose. And always hungry after church, I ate until I was quite satisfied.

After church, DearHusband and I dropped the boys off at home and then popped in at a party which was being held by a dear friend, celebrating the tenth anniversary of his sobriety. At this party, they served a Transposzing family favorite - drip beef sandwiches (shredded beef roast in au jus). So of course, we ate some more (didn't want to be rude!) Then after this little party we had to run off again, stopping at home to round up some supper for the boys before heading out to a fundraising dinner with the bishop, being held to help raise money for the seminarians in our diocese. We were really not very hungry after our all-day feed, but something seemed not quite right about not eating this $50 per plate meal of an enormous piece of prime rib with all the fixins. We couldn't very well not eat it and let it go to waste - that wouldn't be right. So down the hatch it went, too (even though we really weren't hungry, it was delicious and so, of course, we ate it anyway!) Unfortunately, by the time the dessert course was over, I felt like if I never ate anything ever again, it would be too soon. I could hardly move! When it was time to leave, we sort of waddled out to the car and arriving home, waddled into the house to find some bottoms with elastic waistbands. Even now - almost 12 hours later - I'm still full!

I'm pretty sure that the thought behind Meatfare Sunday is not that you stuff yourself as full of meat as you possibly can on that day, so that you spend the next 40 days not even able to think about it.

Gluttony - it's a problem.



William Weedon said...

"Whad you mean, he don eat no meat? It's okay. I make Lamb". ;) Blessings on your journey to Pascha.

-C said...

I love that movie!

mamajuliana said...

Hit the buffet after Liturgy on Sunday...all meat for me...yes, I too 'celebrated' Meatfare Sunday-my first one!

Thom said...

And I get nervous about meatless Fridays!