Friday, February 22, 2008

What is it About an Election Year

that brings out the worst in people?

Not sure what one of my (former) regular reads has against Obama the candidate (except that he's a Democrat, and a liberal, and young, and popular, and not Catholic) but it seems to deeply affect how she feels about Obama-the-person-she's-never-even-met-and-actually-seems-to-know-little-if-anything-substantive-about. For some reason, it seems particularly problematic for this particular writer that Obama's father is a Muslim. Oh, and she doesn't have a civil word in her head for Hillary Clinton, either.

Also ironic, it seems, is that while this particular blogger (I'll not even bother linking to the blog) has all sorts of rumor-mongering, gossipy, name-calling and otherwise childish things to say about the candidates she does not support, she offers not one positive word about any candidate she thinks might be a better choice.

If one were to remove these most recent posts, the blog might seem like it is the writing of a faithful, liturgy-loving conservative Roman Catholic Christian ... which is what drew me to it in the first place. But now, it seems, it's a forum for hate.

Lord, have mercy.

Why do I hate election years? Nobody seems able to behave themselves.

God bless America, indeed.


DebD said...

I'm pretty sure I know which blog you are referring to and I agree. I was pretty taken aback by a recent caption calling Hillary an unflattering name. Sorry, but I don't think this is not how thinking adults should behave themselves. I don't like or agree with Hillary either, but she still deserves some respect.

I wonder what conservative Christians would think of Obama's conversion if he was a Republican?

-C said...

"I wonder what conservative Christians would think of Obama's conversion if he was a Republican?"

Or this particular blogger's opinion if he were a convert to Catholicism.

Yes, it sounds pretty much like you know the blog of which I speak.

It's elementary school playground stuff (not that it belongs there, either...) and a waste of cyberspace.