Thursday, February 28, 2008

Transposzing Family Poet

Caution: Braggy Mom post to follow ...

Apparently, the Minnesota State Trooper's Association recently sponsored some sort of an Essay/Poem writing contest for drug/alcohol abuse awareness week (or some such-named period of time). Generally, schools are informed about the contest and teachers are to encourage their students to participate in the contest.

ElderSon's teacher did more than encourage participation in this contest - she made participation a mandatory assignment. So in thinking about what to write, (once he got over his indignation that for most kids his age in this state the project was optional) ElderSon took the La-Z-Boy route and wrote a poem, because (he said) an essay sounded like alot more work.

Well, ElderSon was informed last week that he and 5 of his classmates were winners in this contest, for which they each collected a check for $150 from the State Trooper's Assn. Here he is with a state trooper at the little awards presentation ceremony which was held at school yesterday.

How times have changed! Back in the stone age when I went to school, kids got an "A" for good work.

Oh, well, congratulations to ElderSon!

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Mimi said...

Congratulations! Whohoooooo!