Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Teacher Delivers!

YoungerSon's been home from school the past couple of days with his second strep infection in a month. He was pretty miserable over the weekend, but has been on antibiotics for the past couple of days and so is finally starting to coming around.

DearHusband (the parent who works from home and so is actually home with the sick one) sent an email off to YoungerSon's teacher before school this morning, asking about homework. He's been out for three days and certainly he's good and behind by now. I called home on my way from work this afternoon and offered to stop at the school and pick up YoungerSon's homework, but DearHusband said that his teacher hadn't returned his email. So we decided to go ahead and send him back to school tomorrow and let him pick up his mountain of homework then.

While we were having supper this evening, YoungerSon's teacher, Mr. Western, stopped by our house with the homework. Now our kid goes to a big school and is part of a big class. It's not we live all that far from school - only a mile, but still we thought it particularly - unusually - kind and thoughtful that he'd go out of his way and bring it over to us.

While YoungerSon was just sort of wierded out that his teacher came to his house, we were really impressed that he took the time to find the worksheets, papers, and books, find our address and our house, and bring the homework over for him.

Above and beyond the call of duty, we thought. So kudos to Mr. Western!


Philippa said...

Hi! I'm a new reader of your blog!

Okay, so if that's a picture of the teacher...I am so disappointed that I'm too old to go to school! Why didn't teachers look like that when I went to school??

As for the strep throat, my son used to get them frequently, like all through winter. The solution? Throw out the toothbrush after two days on the antibiotic. Use a new one. Then throw that one out after the antibiotic is done and get a new one. That was the ONLY way I could get rid of that infection permanently!

-C said...

Ha! This picture was taken at the beginning of the school year - and it's what Mr. Western pretty much looked like the last time I saw him.
When he was coming up the walk this evening, I didn't recognize him - his hair is short now.

Thanks for the advice about the toothbrush - makes so much sense! We will certainly try it!

Thanks for stopping by Philippa!


Dixie said...

I think teachers are examples of living sacrifices...those that really live their vocation, anyway. The work is hard, the pay is terrible and there is nary a "thanks" to be had. Yet, their work is critical in the development of the next generations. If we were truly a civilized society...our heros would be teachers and our present icons (sports figures, rock starlets, actors, etc.) would pale in comparison.

-C said...

Amen and amen, Dixie.