Friday, February 8, 2008

Now THIS is Pysanky!

Here are a few links to the work of some who take their Ukrainian Eggs seriously - and their work shows it! All are are wonderful and well worth a look.

Here's one:
Traditional Pysanky

and another:

and another: (as you can see, the photo for the post came from that site!)

and more yet: gallery

And there are many more than these out there - I find them inspiring!

I am lucky to live only a couple of miles away from The Ukrainian Gift Shop, one of the nation's main outlets for supplies for this art form. The lady who owns the store, Luba, does the most exquisite work I have ever seen, and displays her eggs at the store. I make several trips to her shop over the course of Lent, partly to pick up supplies, but also to get pointers from her - she is most generous in this way.

I'm certain I will post a photo or two (or 10) of some of my eggs from this season - but none of them will be as lovely as the work you see in these sites.


Mimi said...

Oooooh, what a store! Sigh! Enjoy!

DebD said...

I'm not at all crafty, but I look forward to seeing your handiwork.

Emily H. said...

There were some very nice looking eggs on those links. I still think you're very talented though. I can't imagine how hard it would be to draw a straight line on a curved surface.

-C said...

Well, Emily, I must confess - I have helpful tools - very helpful ones.

In the old days when I first learned how to do this and for many years after that, I had to sort of eyeball it and try to get the lines as straight as possible. But now in these last 3 years or so, I have the able assistance of a lathe. It's a tool which holds the egg in place while I turn a wheel which turns the egg. All I have to do is line it up as straight as I can, secure the egg, and hold the pencil still while I turn the lathe.

An additional confession: I also now use an electric tool to apply the wax, which keeps the heat even (instead of holding a manual tool over a flame).

It's all smoke and mirrors!

Carolina Cannonball said...

too bad I didn't see this post before I posted mine. Great links! Im just discovering this art.