Friday, February 15, 2008

Groundhog's Day on the Old Calendar

Follow a link which leads to a link and you'll often find treasures unimagined.
Well, I'm not sure that this is a treasure unimagined, but I thought it was cute.
Initially, I thought I'd have to stick it away until next February 2, but I see that today is February 2 on the Old Calendar - so I'll share it today:

February 2/15
Troparion of the Holy Ground Hog Basil - Tone 4

O holy ground hog, Basil,
Thou didst commence thy slumber after the feast of the Nativity.
And now on the fortieth day,
Thou doth awaken to predict for us the coming of spring.
For if thou wilt see thy shadow
Then thou wilt renew thy slumber for six more weeks.
But if the skies doth be full of gray or rain,
Thou wilt stay awake for the whole of the Fast;
And we will see an early spring.

At the Matins Service during the procession of the Great Doxology the ground hog, Basil, is carried around the church thrice, while the faithful sing this holy hymn. The service should be conducted so that "Glory to Thee Who hast shown us the light!" is announced precisely at sunrise, and the procession finisheth shortly thereafter in the out of doors under the sky.

A Roman Catholic blogger I used to read recently queried whether the Orthodox have a sense of humor.

Of course we do.

HT: The Byzantine Forum, via Mimi's combox


Dixie said...

Ya...I have spent a few minutes this morning trying to find pictures of Orthodox nuns laughing and engaging in "fun" activities like tree climbing so I could ease Caroline's concerns. But alas, after 18 pages of google images...I haven't found anything yet. Maybe she's right? ;)

-C said...

She's not right, I don't think. I sent her a couple of links last night, but perhaps on this slow Friday, I'll create a post with a couple of shots my spouse found.

DebD said...

I just saw that on OCnet. Very cute.

Mimi said...

Wasn't it brilliant? I literally laughed out loud! Thanks to Alicia for posting it for me!

-C said...

It was a god laugh - only wish I'd found it on New Calendar Feb. 2.