Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eggs-tended Season

At least it is for me this year.

Each Lent my family spends a chunk of time making Ukrainian Easter eggs (we usually give most of them away at Pascha).

One nice benefit of this family tradition is that it gives me opportunity to see and visit with my best friend from high school - who only lives a little over a mile away. During the rest of the year, we talk a bunch and see each other some, but we both like to do this and so we get together sort of regularly during Lent to work on eggs together.

Last year our Lenten seasons were the same (she's a Roman Catholic), but this year, western Christians start Lent a LONG time before the Orthodox do - so what to do? Wait until my Lent starts? She'll be about done with Lent when I'm just getting started.

So in the interests of continuing to share this Lenten tradition this year, I've decided to extend the egg season considerably. We got together last night and worked for a bit.

(The photo is a bowl of eggs which my family did last year ... seems it takes about an entire Lent to get a good bowlful!)


Emily H. said...

-C, I'm impressed! Those are gorgeous! I like that you put crosses on them.

-C said...

Thank you, Emily!

I actually have been doing these for many years, and in perspective, they are quite humble compared to the eggs of those who have been doing this all year long for a lifetime.

I'll soon write a post with links to photos of pysanky (the traditional name for this craft) which are simply incredible.

Mimi said...

Those are so gorgeous! I am in awe!