Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's Your Type(ing speed)?

64 words

Touch Typing

Nothing to brag about for someone who has been a church secretary for the last 22 years, I'm afraid. But not TOO bad considering I couldn't type at all when I took my first secretary job.

(I always have to ask myself why the kind and benevolent pastor who hired me for my first church office job even offered me the position in the first place when he knew I couldn't type? He did make me promise to take a class, though, which I did. So I suppose I have him to thank for the fact that I can even type this well! May God bless Pastor E.)

** I forgot to mention a HT to Elizabeth for the link to the little test!


Dwight P. said...

I made 78! How's that for an "executive"?

-C said...

OK, so why am I not surprised? I'll bet you had 100% accuracy, too (I didn't, which brought my overall average down a little).

DearHusband scored 76. (He learned to type in 7th grade, self-taught on his aunt's old typewriter).

Dwight P. said...

Actually, that was with 1 error. I slowed down for the next trial and hit 73 with 0 errors. Slow and steady wins the race.

This is fun: I learned to type in high school. Psychology (taught by the wrestling coach) was a half-semester course and the only way to fill the semester was with typing. I learned on a Selectric (electric), but on the day of the final, the thing blew up and I had to take the exam on a manual. CRUEL!

I still consider that class the most important one I took in high school.


-C said...

Cruel indeed!
I learned on a Selectric, too - much different sort of feel than an old manual, eh?

(DearHusband still has an electric typewriter - refuses to part with it, even though we never use it. Kids thought it was a fun thing to play with when they were little, tho!)