Thursday, January 10, 2008


It's been very quiet around the Transposzing house for the past four days.

Too quiet, actually.

This kid (who might look as if he's engaged in thoughtful prayer at church - but most likely is not) has been on his school's class trip to an environmental education center in northern MN.

I miss him. A lot.

They are due to return home this afternoon, and I'll be glad to have him home again.


Kate said...

It's a beautiful photo!

-C said...

DearHusband took this photo a while ago after Vespers one Saturday evening (when it was still light outside after Vespers!).

Christopher D. Hall said...

What's an "Environmental Education Center?" Why does that sound like it might be a "re-education" center? Am I just being paranoid?

Beautiful photograph! I pray he returns home swiftly and safely.

-C said...

Hi, Pastor Hall - thanks for visiting.

The environmental education center where he has been ( is like a winter camp, at which they learn those basic skills necessary for real life in Minnesota in the wintertime. They learn to ice fish, snowshoe, mush with sled dogs, and also some very practical stuff like winter survival skills, etc.

It is a much anticipated rite of passage of sorts for all in grade 5 in our school district.

Thank you for your prayers for his safe return. Less than ideal winter driving conditions are expected for his trip home from up there. Let's hope that he doesn't have to put those newly acquired winter survival skills to use just yet!

Christopher D. Hall said...

How cool is that! I wish I would have learned such things when I was in 5th grade...but then again I lived in the Kansas City area, and it had limited application. Now I feel like a dolt for suspecting some kind of paganizing agenda.

Let us know when he's back safe and snug!


-C said...

A dolt? Nah - a concerned Christian, that's all.

YoungerSon is home safe and sound. The snow they predicted even as I was walking out the door this morning never materialized (at least not yet).

He's pooped, but in his understated sort of manner, it seems that he had a very good time. It is good to have him home again.

We now return to our regularly scheduled bickering with ElderSon.

Glory to God for all things!