Tuesday, January 22, 2008


For this almost one-year-old Orthodox Christian who is just starting to get the hang of how liturgical music works, this was a cute giggle.


Mimi said...


Did you know the Intrepid Editor attends my parish? I'm kind of famous by association or something :)

-C said...

Well, thank him for me, for keeping things a bit light. Nothing I love more than a church which can laugh at itself at least a little.

The Onion Dome is a welcome port for me in the sea of highly-intellectualized faith forums on the web. I mean that's all well and good and to many, I suppose important. But in many ways, such forums are for me, mostly quite beside the point.

Cheers to him (and to you, Mimi, who can always, always be counted on for a kind word).

Mimi said...

Thank you for your kind words. I shall let him know. I will be going out to tea with his lovely wife on Saturday.

Dwight P. said...

And here all along I thought when they said "onion domes," they were speaking metaphorically. I have a lot to learn about Orthodoxy!


-C said...

Ha! Check out the ark-hives at the oniondome site, some delightful stuff there.

(There are perhaps a few too many "in jokes" for a good Lutheran like you, Dwight, but at least you're not such a good Lutheran that you wouldn't get most of them!)