Sunday, December 9, 2007

You Can Take the Protestant Church Musician Out of the Protestant Church ...

... but she may always think this Anglican Chant weather forecast is very funny!

(And she may always love Anglican chant - at least deep down inside).


Dwight P. said...

Mount Olive counts among the brethren one of the local weather gurus. Perhaps an official letter from your place of employment would prompt him to institute such a reporting style on local TV, eh?

This is quite charming!

On a tangent: In one of my favorite British comedy series, As Time Goes By, the housekeeper for Lionel's father's estate is always called on to cite the shipping forecasts. I'm afraid that the image of her joining a choir for such reports brings a giggle, too.


-C said...

Why stop with the weather, Dwight? We should also get his colleague at said news station - also a member of Mount Olive - to do his reporting this way, too!

Would make the news a heckuva lot more enjoyable, don't you think?