Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Visit from Saint Nicholas

My parish annually celebrates the Feast of St. Nicholas on the Saturday closest to December 6 (which, this year, was last night).

After Great Vespers, all the children remove their shoes and bring them to a designated place, and gather to learn a little about the life of St. Nicholas. All present are taught the following song:

O who loves Nicholas the saintly,
O who serves Nicholas the saintly,
Him will Nicholas receive,
And give help in time of need:
Holy Father Nicholas!

He who dwells in God's holy mansions,
Is our help on the land and oceans,
He will guard us from all ills,
Keep us pure and free from sins.
Holy Father Nicholas!

And each year at the singing of this little song, we are blessed with a visit from St. Nicholas "himself." During his brief visit with the children and adults gathered, the shoes of the children are "magically" filled with candy and he presents the parish with a gift - this year, an icon of St. Nicholas!

Following St. Nicholas' visit, we gathered for a great potluck supper together before heading home for the evening.

Even though our sons are getting a little older, they still look forward to this annual event at church.

A good time was had by all!

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