Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eating My Words

Let it not be said that I am not willing to eat my words (actually, there's very little I won't eat!).

I posted last weekend about making krumkake with DearHusband, noting that our krumkake turned out pretty well, colorless and tasteless, like all good Scandinavian foods.

Well, I had lunch with my friend Dwight the other day and he brought me a Vinarterta, an Icelandic dessert which he had made himself - to show me that not all Scandinavian desserts are tasteless and colorless. Vinarterta, Dwight said, means "vienna torte" - strange name, he said, for it's neither Viennese nor is it a torte. But it is - in fact - delicious. It is made of alternating layers of cardamom cookie and prune filling. We served it up for dessert and found it to be simply delicious.

So I'm willing to eat a little crow on this one - delighted to eat a little Vinarterta, too!

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