Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A White-Knuckled Christmas

Not exactly what we were dreaming of.

It was a busy Christmas for the Transposzing family, topped off on Christmas evening by an absolutely harrowing long drive home from southwest Minnesota on snowy and icy rural highways last night. At one point, I was certain we'd end up in the ditch on a remote and dark highway in southwest MN. DearHusband was certain, too - as we both simultaneously made the sign of the cross and audibly uttered the same one-line prayer: God help us.

While I am eternally grateful that this did not happen, I could not help but think what a fitting conclusion to Christmas Day this would have been. Run, run, run for an entire month. Then run faster, run faster, run faster during Christmas week, right up through Christmas night. If we had gone into the ditch, there we'd have sat in a motionless car. No longer able to run anywhere. Stopped. Stuck. An abrupt and ironic end to all the running.

Once we got to the outskirts of the Twin Cities, the driving was still treacherous and traffic was heavy - but at least there were lights on the highway. This, along with the knowledge that roadside assistance would be more immediately available (and the knowledge that we were once again close enough to home to have service on our cell phones) was at least a little bit comforting.

We arrived at Sis' place across town from our house to pick up our dog (who was having a play day with his adoptive canine cousin). There was a warm fire in their fireplace, a good, stiff hot brandy waiting, some nice munchies and great company - all combined to take the edge off my absolutely harried and completely stressed-out self and spouse. We stayed for a little bit, packed up the kids and the dog, and arrived at our own home about 20 minutes later.

An hour after that, I was in my jammies, konked out under a warm blanket in the recliner.

I can't help but be struck by how weird all of the month-long Christmas hubub is. We spend weeks endlessly going. Going to concerts, going to parties, going to programs, going shopping, going here and going there. This is how we modern Americans prepare for the celebration of God's coming to us. By going. It's an interesting juxtaposition.

Anyway, with God's help, we have safely arrived on the other side of December 25. My husband and children are safe and warm and sleeping peacefully in their beds. I need to get off the computer and get ready to go to work.

It is December 26, and just when things should be ramping up in celebration, they have wound completely down. Things are somehow magically back to normal.

Glory to God for all things.


DebD said...

Thankful you are warm and safe. It is so true about the busyness of this month. I remember a few times wishing that we would lose our electricity because it has a strange way of simplifying and slowing us down.

Good thoughts, thanks.

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, what a scary trip!
Lord have Mercy!

Christ is Born! Enjoy this wonderful Feast, safely!

orrologion said...

We got stuck in the Twin Cities and passed (painfully so) on traveling to my grandparents' home in the Upper Peninsula of MI. The center of the storm on Sunday was in Wisconsin, exactly along the route we would have had to have taken across to Wausau and north. The roads were bad here in the southern suburbs and downtown, I can't imagine what they would have been in rural WI.

-C said...

Winter driving is really nothing to mess with - and so it was the better part of wisdom for you to forego the trip to MI.
Last I had heard before we left, there was a 50% chance of flurries, so it didn't sound too serious. I will be considerably more cautious about even taking off next time.

Did you worship at St. Elizabeth over Nativity?

Ezekiel said...

Ahh, I do NOT miss winter in Minnesota!

Talking to my parents and siblings on 25 December (it was 55 here in STL area) they were shoveling snow, blosing it and wondering of all the generations in the cities would make it to Mom and Dad's for the annual big bash.

WRT the "Christmas is done" when it actually just beginning, I was reminded that KFUO FM in STL, owned by the LCMS, plays non stop classical music for Christmas commercial free on December 25. But at the stroke of midnight the 26, it is back to business. In all the years I was affiliated with that station I raised that issue -- and never got a decent answer.

The whisper of the "12 dsys" is seen in the Western Church in the fact that a few congregations actually schedule liturgies/services on each day.

Amongst the Orthodox, recognition of each day with service/Divine Liturgy depends on the community.

Hopefully, we celebrate the season in our daily prayer, and where possible remind friends, acquaintances and others that the Season is still upon us, and that the Incarnation is indeed something to celebrate!

Kala Christougenna!


-C said...

Merry Christmas to you also, Ezekiel!