Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All I Want For Christmas

Each year we ask our boys to assemble a wish list for Christmas, in order that what we get for them can actually turn out to be something they want to receive as a gift. We let them know that they won't receive everything on their lists, but that the lists will help serve as a guide from which we can select some things. They usually work on this list for about a month, revising and reprinting it and posting it on the refrigerator - in very plain view.

Last night we began the annual Christmas shopping extravaganza. Part 2 of the experience (hopefully, the final chapter for this year) will be this evening.

This year their Christmas wish lists are at least practical - some years they haven't been.

ElderSon's list includes: "New Hockey Skates, with sharpening, $50 cash, A new bathrobe and slippers, Fishing Stuff, and Tickets to a Hockey Game (who is playing is not important)"

YoungerSon's List is as follows: "A red military watch from Sports Authority, lots of money - 45 dollars or more, ice fishing stuff, Spongebob slippers, a red zip-up sweatshirt, lots of string!!!!, mechanical pencils and some pens, a wallet that folds in half, and gum."

We should be able to work with this, I think.

Gotta wonder what he wants the string for, though ...

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