Friday, November 16, 2007


A couple of notes with updates on a few prior posts:

His Big Fat German/Norwegian Finger is now back to a relatively normal size and is once again sporting his wedding ring. I'm not sure how long it was off - a week or two, I guess.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - My parish now has a photo gallery which is here. Modification of our current website to include a link to the gallery is in the works.

Back To School - We attended YoungerSon's parent/teacher conference last night and if I'd only actually sent my letter to YoungerSon's teacher, I could have spent most of the conference saying, "I told you so." He's doing OK, but could be trying harder, they say (except for his math teacher, who thinks he's a mathematical whiz-kid or something) ElderSon's conferences are coming up next week.

The Sunday Morning Headache - Most weeks I still get it. Really thinking about looking into that fetching headgear.

Pascha Project - is coming along v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y at the moment. Once the snow comes and the really cold weather sets in, I'm thinking my rate of progress should improve.


Emily H. said...

Excellent photo gallery design - and very easy to navigate! The pictures are wonderful! The photos do a good job of capturing the church (though I'm sure it's better in person - wow, that ceiling!). I especially like that you shared pictures of the Orchard trip and parish life. It gives a wonderful sense of community.
Keep taking pictures!!

-C said...

Thank you, Emily. As you say and as I mentioned, the differences between seeing pictures and being there are immeasurable, but your words have give me hope that perhaps it accomplishes what we'd hoped - to give others a visual sense of our parish life.

(I'll hastily add that I was GREATLY assisted by others, especially in the photography portion of it. I'll share your comments with them!)

Thanks for your comments, Emily.