Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fourteen Wonderful Years

Happy anniversary to us!

Actually, it's not today, it was last Wednesday - and - it is this coming Tuesday. In an unusual turn of events 14 years ago, DearHusband and I had two weddings - 6 days apart.

The first wedding was on Nov. 14 in an Orthodox Church in Sioux Falls, SD. The priest who did the service is from Canada and not licensed in the states to perform a marriage. The second wedding was 6 days later at a Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN. The officiant at that service IS licensed here in MN.

So - what date is our wedding anniversary? Well, in the eyes of the Church, we're thinking Nov. 14. In the eyes of the State of MN, it is most certainly Nov. 20. We have a weeklong wedding anniversary season I guess.

Highly romantic types that we are, we bought a cool new light fixture for the kitchen as our gift to each other.


Dixie said...

Chronia polla!

Benjamin said...

Many many, more years!

-C said...

God willing!

Thank you both.

DebD said...

Happy Anniversary and may God grant you many years!

I had to giggle over your "romantic" gift. We do that too.

-C said...

Thanks, Deb - some years it is even more practical than this..."Happy anniversary dear. As a token of our great love and affection, let's make the mortgage payment this month!"

It's so not about the gifts given and received on the day (or in our case during the week), but about the genuine gifts we give and receive every day of our marriage.

In this instance I am very richly blessed.

Poem Master 3000 said...

Many years!

Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary and Many Years!

Enjoy the new light fixture.

Anam Cara said...

Many years!

I have a friend who was married in Roman Catholic church one week and Orthodox the next. Her brother teased her about seeing her at the synagog the following week....

This November is our 36th anniversary. It gets better as time goes on!

-C said...

I completely agree - it only gets better all the time.

Thanks for stopping by anam cara -