Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Important Anniversary

Yesterday was a different anniversary - one I also share with ElderSon - our baptism anniversaries. Seems only right, in a way, that I get to share at least something with this guy who not only looks just like his dad, but is so like him in many other ways.

I observed my own "baptism birthday"(as we used to call it) in a personal sort of way by singing the hymn which was sung at my baptism. Thanks to the decent little collection of Bach CDs that I own, I even had the luxury of singing it with a Bach setting:

All who believe and are baptized
Shall see the Lord's salvation;
Baptized into the death of Christ,
They are a new creation;
Through Christ's redemption they shall stand
Among the glorious heavenly band
Of every tribe and nation.

With one accord, O God, we pray;
Grant us Thy Holy Spirit;
Look Thou on our infirmity
Through Jesus' blood and merit;
Grant us to grow in grace each day
by Holy Baptism that we may
Eternal life inherit.

Our family observed ElderSon's baptism anniversary by watching the video taken of his baptismal liturgy. It was an important liturgy for both of us.

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Mimi said...

Happy Baptism Birthday to both of you! Many Years!