Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dixie has tagged me for the Seven Things About Me meme. Chances are good that some of these things won't be news to some who check in here, but heck - I've never been tagged before, so I've got to play.

Here goes!

1. I have eight siblings - six brothers and two sisters - and I am number 7 in the lineup (And right after our first child was born, for many weeks all I could think of was "What on earth was my mother thinking???")

2. I have a sizeable collection of Protestant hymnals, many of which are quite old (and many are not in English). I've never counted them before, but I know that there's a bunch! I started buying them for reference when I first became a choir director in my former tradition and it sort of snowballed for about 20 years after that. I've often wondered if I should pass the collection on to someone who could actually use them now, but I don't think I'm quite ready to give them away. Right now the thought of doing so is somehow sad - I'm not sure why. Perhaps one day ...

3. At the time we got married, both DearHusband and I were living IN our respective houses of worship - he lived in the basement apartment of his church and I lived in the penthouse apartment of mine (former pastor's residence). It's no wonder we're so comfortable in church.

4. I have a Roman Catholic tabernacle in my basement - a BIG one! (It was a wedding gift which looked fairly cool and appropriate in our church penthouse apartment when we first got married - now in our suburban rambler, not so much). In recent years I've had half a mind to see what we could get for it on Ebay. I'm thinking that if the price were right, we could part with it. So if anyone out there is looking for a tabernacle ... a really BIG one ...

5. I have been canoeing in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area of Northern MN probably about 20 times. The last time was only 2 months after ElderSon was born. DearHusband and I missed him so much during that long-weekend trip that we cried in our tent at night and so we came home from that trip early. Haven't been back since.

6. I can juggle a little.

7. OK, this one's strange: listening to a live marching band always makes me a little verklempt. I have no idea why this is, but it never fails. How weird is that? Maybe it's menopause ...

Many of those whose blogs I read have been tagged already. I'll pass on tagging this time and do it next time, when I'm not so "at the end" of the meme.

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Mimi said...

Nah, I get teary at parades, why, I have no idea, but they go by, and I sniffle.

Wow! A lot of siblings! That's cool. And, I always love a good book collector!