Thursday, October 4, 2007

His Big Fat German/Norwegian Finger

Dear Husband cooked all day today (what a great job!) and somehow in the chopping and grating and mixing and whatever else he was doing, he apparently injured his finger. He didn't notice it late in the afternoon or early in the evening, but when I got home from Vespers tonight, he said that his ring finger (that would be the ring finger with the ring ON it!) had become really swollen and he couldn't really move it or bend it - but worse, his ring was beyond just being stuck on his hand, it was becoming painful.

I got a bag of ice and he held it on his finger over his head for awhile, and while the swelling went down slightly for a moment or two, it puffed right back up again.

Being a woman of this modern age, I sat down at the computer and did a Google search on "removing a ring from a swollen finger." The first remedy we saw was that thing where you wrap some dental floss around your finger and thereby make the finger smaller and remove the ring that way. Well we tried that and it didn't work, and messing with the finger seemed to make matters only worse.

So I checked several other sites and many recommended spraying some Windex on the finger, and leaving it on for a moment. The ring will slide right off, it said.

Windex??? I laughed, because it reminded me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Windex was Gus Portokalos' remedy for EVERYTHING that ails you. So even though I laughed and we both joked about it, the more sites I saw for remedies, the more I saw people recommending Windex.

Dear Husband was skeptical - so was I - but heck, what did we have to lose? He was particularly skeptical when he noticed that our Windex was the green kind (with lime action or something) and not the regular blue stuff. But I got him over to the sink and sprayed it on and a minute later, he was able to get the ring off!

Perhaps Gus Portokalos was on to something!


Dixie said...

Oh, now that is WAY too funny! Like a Big Fat Greek Miracle! ;)

Hope hubby's finger is OK...and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

They tell young single woman it's just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man...I say it is better to love a man that cooks!

-C said...

Ha! Totally like a big fat Greek miracle!

Hubby's hand is a little less swollen this morning, but he still has a very clear and deep gouge/imprint in his finger from where his ring was...weird.

"...I say it is better to love a man that cooks!"

Bravo! I truly lucked out here! Not only can he cook, he can cook much better than I can - and he truly enjoys it.

I am richly blessed - and if I ever forget just how blessed I am, I have no shortage of friends who remind me regularly. :-)

Anonymous said...

You have expanded and enlightened me on the vast knowledge to be gained by Googling. "removing a ring from a swollen finger?" Google— it's not just for homework anymore!

-C said...

"Google— it's not just for homework anymore!"

That's right! At the office, tt has recently replaced the old letter opener as the tool which can fix anything!

Dwight P. said...

You know, though, there's something to be said for the imprint of marriage! I don't know, however, that the incidents of the sacraments are meant to be painful!

I'm going to try that remedy tonight on my arthritic ring finger!

Michelle Melania said...

That is incredible! So maybe we should try Windex on other ailments as well-- who knows! Maybe it actually does work on zits.

I hope his fingers get back to normal soon.

-C said...

Dwight -
"I don't know, however, that the incidents of the sacraments are meant to be painful!"

I don't know either - but I suspect that if they are, such pain is, of course, salvific.

Michelle -
"Maybe it actually does work on zits."

Yes, who knows? If this is true, I have a kid who will be elated!

DebD said...

That is hilarious! Wisdom of the Greeks strikes again.

I hope your husband's figure is back to normal again.

Mimi said...

While I truly hope your hubby's finger is better, I have to admit I actually snorted while laughing.

-C said...

Well, thank you all for your concern. I think his finger is going to be fine. His hand is still a little sore and that imprint of the removed ring is still very clear and pronounced on that finger, but the swelling is down a bit.

His wedding ring now sits on the stand in our icon corner - where I'm guessing it will stay for at least a few days or until it slides on his finger easily (without Windex!) - which ever comes first.