Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bad Day in the Blogosphere

Today must be a day that I’m not supposed to be reading blogs and comments.

As I made my regular blog rounds this morning, I was increasingly troubled – but for different reasons – by each thing I read. The first blogpost I read was so deep that after reading it three times over I was convinced that I’m just an idiot, the next one I read just made me sort of confused and led me to believe that I have absolutely no understanding of Church of any kind at all, and the last one I read made me so troubled and shocked and angry in so many ways that I was fairly speechless (this has only happened one other time in recent memory).

God help me.


Dixie said...

YIKES!!! If it is Energetic Procession regarding difficulty in understanding then I can completely understand...although I haven't read it recently...it just almost always seems over my head.

Regarding the Church...yep...read a few of those lately that have had me scratching my head. I know what I acknowledged to be "Church" in my Chrismation.

But haven't run into the other you mention which has me a bit worried since I posted on what could be considered a controversial topic this morning. If I am the culprit I would love to talk it out with you. I like your sensibilities and find myself agreeing with your point of view so much I think must be related somewhere in our family trees!

-C said...

No, Dixie, it wasn't you, though now I'm moved to go right over and see what you wrote! I think you get some points somewhere for good Orthodox self-abasement, though! :-)

The first post I read wasn't Energetic Procession, though I really laughed when I read that - I hardly ever understand them and while they are probably great folks and obviously very bright, it was early evident that I wouldn't be a regular reader of that blog. Subject matter there pretty much just make me dizzy. I rarely look at it anymore.

I'm not gonna say much about the second one except that I was left feeling sort of strange about it...and strange about Orthodoxy after reading it.

A comment on the third post was not from an Orthodox blogger - but it rather left me feeling punched in the stomach (as I told the commenter in a private email). I was just sadly shocked.

I don't think I want to drag anyone over to check on my morning reading, so I won't share links. But it was a lousy day for blog-reading for me. It just was.

(Now I'll get over there and see what you posted...)

Dixie said...

Self-abasement...have to laugh at this. We had leadership training in my company...about 16 of us were in training for 3 days. At the end of the three days we were all given criticisms and affirmations. I was told that I was too self-abasing! YIKES...I have clever quip that I will not write so as not to exacerbate this impression! :D

I have to admit there is one post out there in the blogsphere by someone I admire and have the utmost respect for and that person has suggested something that doesn't fall within my definition of Church either...and it makes me queasy.

But the reality is we all have our own personal heresies. I have one I know of for a fact. I almost blogged about it but I need more than one example.

If you want something to get you out of this blogger rut go read my friend, Emily's blog. It is always such a treat when she writes about her children.

Mimi said...

Oh yes, I've had those days. There are many Orthodox bloggers who operate on a higher plane than me.

DebD said...

Well, there are some bloggers I just never visit because they seem to be speaking a different language, or they keep going on and on and on and on and on..... You get the picture, its one of my pet-peeves for blogging. I don't mind a good long post now and then but some people act like their blog is a doctoral dissertation.

As to the last one, so sorry. I have some like that, but its been a long time (thank God!).

I was going to suggest Mimi's entry for today. It is very sweet.

God bless.

-C said...

Both Mimi's and Emily's most recent posts I found refreshing (I am a fairly regular reader of both of them anyway).

I hope my frustration with this today gives me cause to think twice before I post - anything.

Emily H. said...

-C, I absolutely knew it wasn't my blog you were talking about being confused over! :) I frequently confuse myself however - but I try not to drag that onto my blog! ;)

Mimi said...

Oh, Deb, thank you for the kind words.