Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pascha Project

This is a picture of the little cloth that we've used in our Pascha basket each year. Dear Husband bought it many years before we married - probably right after he became Orthodox - and has used it in his basket every year since then. This cloth is a print of a Ukrainian cross stitch pattern and this past year at Pascha I took a really good look at it and thought how cool it would be to make a real cross stitched basket cover myself. I'd never done cross stitch before - but how hard could it be?

So this year right after Pascha, I went over to the Ukrainian Gift Shop, a local store which mostly sells supplies for Ukrainian egg decorating (we go there for this reason many times each Lent!) I knew they had a few supplies for other Ukrainian crafts, too. They had lots of cloths like the one I was interested in - and they were gorgeous, which was inspiring! So I bought a little book with individual Ukrainian egg patterns. But I have no pattern for whole piece and am sort of winging it with alot of help from this book and some books I got from the library.

How hard can it be? Well, it's not all that hard - it just takes a very long time. Now I have done a bunch of work on this little project - but I have LOTS more to do. I started right after Pascha last year and have worked on it on an off. I go in spurts, it seems - working on it several evenings in a row, then I stop for whatever reason for a couple of weeks, then pick it back up again. Even just the part that I have done is far from perfect, but it's actually turning out alot better than I thought it would.

I'm guessing it won't be done so that we can use it this coming Pascha - which is OK. I told my family that my goal was to have it completed by Pascha 2017 (don't you love a realistic goal?).

This should keep me out of trouble for at least awhile - if my eyes hold out that long!

If I make measurable progress in coming months, I'll post an updated shot.


Dixie said...

What a worthy project...and should be fun...and if not fun, at least rewarding when you have the finished product.

A little quadrille paper and a quick study of the cross stitching method and you actually could have this done by Pascha 2008!

In the Greek tradition--at least at my parish--we do not do this cloth and basket thing...I guess. I haven't seen it yet. I like it!

-C said...

Well, perhaps you could make it part of your tradition by changing the text to "Christos Anesti" and using a nice cross on it instead of the Ukrainian egg ...

It is more fun at some times than at other times (like when I have made a mistake and have to rip some out) - but rewarding, yes. I am a little impatient however, and so for me it's not truly rewarding until it's done. So perhaps in this way it is good exercise for me.

Mimi said...

That is very much something I've kicked around doing one Lent, thank you for the link. I'm so jealous the store is close to you - I could see shopping there often!

-C said...

Well, the project is coming along slowly, but I know that I'll abandon it during Lent and pick up Ukrainian eggs - which I look forward to all year!

Having the store so close is wonderful, but perhaps a bit too convenient ...


Matt said...

very cool!