Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Confidence

... at all.

The whole stinking mess grieves me deeply and I have tried several times to bury my head in the sand and pretend the situation does not exist.

But it does.

Ignoring it doesn't change a thing and is, I suppose, just as unhealthy as the situation itself.

I signed (for all the good that's gonna do).


Michelle Melania said...

I had only heard very briefly about this a while ago and didn't realize what is going on presently. What a tough place to be in...

-C said...

It's very bad - and getting seemingly worse all the time.

I am so thankful that I have COMPLETE confidence in my parish clergy and in our diocesan bishop.

Lord, have mercy.

DebD said...

Yes, its very frustrating. And, like you, I've tried to remain in the dark - partly for me because I didn't want it to cause me to sin. My parish priest and another member are right in the thick of it, being on the Council. And it doesn't help that our Bishop is the Met. Oy.

But I also have faith that the Ship will eventually right itself. I really don't know that I would have such confidence if I was in another Christian tradition.

-C said...

Thanks, Deb -
Like you, I am confident that the Church is in God's hands and that we are, too.
This is my only comfort in the whole situation, and most of the time that is enough for me. But sometimes it's not.

I'm not sure that the situation can right itself - but I am certain that God is in the midst of my struggle with this along with me.

Glory to God for all things ... I guess.

DebD said...

When I first came in here I didn't go and check out the petition. I knew it wasn't something I wanted to sign. I assumed it was something started by OCANews. But low and behold its from my parish! I in now way support that. This was not "From our parish" as the site indicates. Its from a group within the parish. There is talk that we are acting like schismatics. This makes me quite distressed.

I felt that since I had been in here before, and then discovered it came from my parish, I should clarify things.

If you would like to contact me off list we can discuss this further, but I'd rather not say more on the 'net.

-C said...

I respect your position completely, Deb, and by mentioning it here I didn't mean to put pressure on anyone else to sign - only to say that it is something I have struggled with. Your feeling schismatic about the whole mess is the same way I felt when our diocese decided to withold funds. As I said to my priest this past spring, this is a very difficult situation for an ex-Lutheran, whose former church was founded on rebellion against corrupt church authority.

There are very few from my parish who have signed - 4 maybe. And as I said, I firmly believe that the petition will make absolutely no difference at all - none. I signed it as a means to say I agree that he should step down, and I think he should.

The whole situation is the token black cloud that hangs over the overwhelming happiness I feel to be part of the Orthodox Church.

My prayers are with you tho, Deb.

DebD said...

Thank you. I never thought you were pressurizing people to sign...just giving out information.

The whole situation is the token black cloud that hangs over the overwhelming happiness I feel to be part of the Orthodox Church.

I feel the same way.