Monday, August 13, 2007

Urban Goat

I like goats.

I'm not sure why I find them so intruiging, I just do.

Have you ever tried to look a goat in the eye? It's' hard! They have such very strange eyes on either side of their head with those slit-shaped pupils which make me wonder if those eyes can really work together to see anything. Goats look so innocent - yet they're unpredictable and mischievious - which only adds to my intruige about them. But I find goats to be sort of mysterious and simply charming.

As a suburban kid, I never saw a goat up close during my entire childhood. My rural rels were dairy farmers, so I saw alot of cows - but no goats. But as a kid I read lots of stories about goats, which only added to my fascination with them. Then as a young adult, I visited a goat farm and was positively captivated by the goats I met there.

I had heard that some folks from my church have a pet goat. A goat in the city - whodathunkit?? Yesterday after Liturgy my family visited these folks so that I could see and meet this goat for myself. She's adorable!

When we entered the back yard, the goat (Gabriella - Gabby, for short) was happy to see us and was prancing and jumping about and was generally being very goat-y. She engaged the kids with a couple of (gentle) butts, and I could well imagine that even though she's pretty small, she could easily knock me on my bum if I wasn't careful.

Anyway, we had a brief and lovely visit with this charming goat and her family, and left with the promise that next time we'll stay for tea!

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