Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Sunday Morning Headache

I didn't have it today!
Or last Sunday!!
Thanks be to God!!!

This Orthodox newbie suffers most Sunday mornings from a different kind of convertitis - the caffeine withdrawal headache.

Anna from church told me that she used to suffer from nasty caffeine withdrawal headaches on Sunday mornings, too, but only for a short while after she became Orthodox. She said that one Sunday morning they just stopped - and she hasn't had a Sunday morning headache for many years. She said it's a grace given to her by God, and she said she hoped that soon I would be afforded the same grace. Maybe I have been! (To not have one for the past two weeks has certainly been a blessing!)

Perhaps caffeine junkie Orthodox women like me should consider this head covering for Sunday liturgies. I'm guessing, though, that unless I removed the grain and replaced it with very finely ground french roast or a nice espresso so that it could be absorbed via the scalp, it wouldn't really do any good.

Might just be easier to cut back on the coffee Monday through Saturday.


Poem Master 3000 said...

Good for you if you are trying to cut back, though there are worse addictions, to be sure.

-C said...

Well, caffeine is not the worst of my addictions ...

Dixie said...

LOL! I can so relate to this. I went through my Chrismation in a daze. But I don't think it was because I was so filled with the Holy Spirit but it was because I didn't have my coffee that morning and couldn't wake up!!! I have to admit my coffee headaches, as well as that hazy daze I used to experience, are just a memory now. This morning after the liturgy...I didn't even think to go get a cup of coffee...but I did have a couple of cups this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Ah! The Wonder Cap! It will come in especially handy to "keep your head warm when using your outdoor spa."


-C said...

Well, we did have a hot tub for awhile - but its gone now... and I'm not complaining.


Mimi said...

You know what has helped me immensely is to drink a lot of water on Saturday, so I don't get dehydrated on Sunday morning. That, and a glass of water after my cup of coffee after Liturgy.

-C said...

Dear Husband suggested this, too - and I tried it. It actually worked once, but for many, many weeks after that it didn't work.
I've continued to give it the old college try every Saturday night, tho - perhaps this is what has helped in recent weeks.

Thanks! I'm going to stick with that plan!