Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Storm before the Calm

We had a thunderstorm last night.

While this normally wouldn’t be a bloggable event, we are experiencing a drought in these parts just now. Lawns are dead and trees are already turning, due to lack of moisture. (Worse, the squirrels are eating my tomatoes off the vine, which, as I read online, is something they do when there’s a drought. DH has put out a nice big pan of potable water for them and their bunny friends, which seems to be helping a little).

I heard a comment on the radio just the other day that in the past couple of years we haven’t had summertime thunderstorms at night around here like we used to. Being an extremely sound sleeper, I couldn’t verify his observation – I’d just assumed that we have had some in recent years and that, like everything else, I just slept through them.

Anyway, last night’s thunderstorm even woke me up – making it an event of significance. While I was delighted to be awake to experience a moment or two of it (because I really love a good thunderstorm, especially at night) I wish I could have stayed awake long enough to enjoy all of it.

Best of all, it appears that we received“measurable precipitation” from the storm, which we sorely needed.

Thanks be to God.


Poem Master 3000 said...

I sleep in a basement with small windows and I was still awakened by the flashes and booms. My roomate, who sleeps on the top floor, said he could see the green of the leaves on the trees outside his window as clearly as if it were day: that is how continuous and bright the lightning flashes were!

Isn't it wonderful that something as gentle and soothing as the night rain can be accompanied and even improved by something so bright and shocking?

-C said...

Wonderful, indeed - awesome, in fact.