Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Good Listen

I've meant to mention this before and keep forgetting.

I recently purchased an engaging and enlightening CD set (3) of a lecture by Fr. Marc Boulos of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Orthodox Mission in Eagan, MN. It is entitled, Judgment as Hope.

Having a good chunk of time to sit in my car from M-F, I have found this a good time to listen to edifying kinds of things such as this.

Anyway, I commend it to your interests - it's available here.
(Of course, I can arrange a loan of our copy if anyone local is interested).


Benjamin said...

I was there for the lectures and I whole-heartedly agree.

-C said...

Wow, they were wonderful. Fr. Marc always helps me to think of things - most things - in new ways.

What a gift!


Jason said...

I didn't know you were a blogger. How come you didn't tell me this earlier? I'm offended... And yes, I would like to "borrow" the lecture series, which I'll promptly return. Really.

-C said...

Oh, don't be offended. I haven't been a blogger for very long and am still trying to figure out whether this is a good idea or not.

Anyhoo - I'll bring the lecture series to Vespers on Saturday and hand it off then!


Jason said...

It's a GREAT idea. Keep blogging away! :)