Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Few Lessons From the Dog

"What shall I say about dogs who have a natural instinct to show gratitude and to serve as watchful guardians of their master's safety? ... To dogs is given the ability to bark in defense of their masters and their homes. Thus you should learn to use your voice for the sake of Christ, when ravening wolves attack His sheepfold."
- St. Ambrose of Milan

OK - So our dog only wags in defense of his masters/mistress and his home. But what I shall say about dogs is that I've learned a thing or two from ours:

Obedience is a good thing and ultimately makes one happier.

Don't go out in the rain unless you have to - and then, do what you need to do and get back inside where it's warm and dry.

Naps are a good thing.

Everyone can be forgiven - for anything.

It's best to try and keep children in a nice, neat group. Wait for the stragglers and chase down the ones who randomly run off.

You have a better chance of getting some popcorn if you wait patiently nearby than if you try to take the whole bowl by force.

Even if you are absolutely free to go anywhere in the neighborhood, the city, or the world, the best place to be is at home with those who love you.

Make it a point to greet the neighbors in a very friendly way whenever you see them (then they won't get so mad if they find poop on their side of the property line).

If you get into trouble, it probably means you have too much time on your hands.

Loving your neighbor can be done even if your neighbor isn't like you.


Poem Master 3000 said...

Despite the other wise advice you have here, I think I will continue to take popcorn by force.

-C said...

Well, when you have a popcorn-loving 100-pound dog and a couple of popcorn-loving tweenage guys in your little house, the battle (generally) is slightly different, no?

I'm just sayin' ...